Oasis Washer Model Number # 110.27072604 F50 Error Code Explained

This F50 Error Code & Part Information Applies To Oasis Model Number # 110.27072604

Error Code F50

    Oasis Washer Model Number # 110.27072604 F50 Error Code is usually a failure of the Rotor Position Sensor (RPS). Usually, replacing the RPS fixes the error, but there are a few other causes of this failure as well. The error means the motor rotor position sensor (RPS) senses no rotation. Other causes of this failure include bad wiring (the lower wire harness), A bad drive motor/stator, or a bad motor circuit on the control board. If you would like to troubleshoot the F50 error code yourself, you will need an ohmmeter. The guide linked below tells you how to troubleshoot the Kenmore Oasis Washer  motor circuit and will help you resolve the problem. The guide is for a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer but the Cabrio, Bravos, and Oasis washers are all the same mechanically. The only differences are cosmetic looks and brand names.


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