How To Troubleshoot Cabrio F51 Error

Cabrio F51 Error

The Cabrio F51 Error happens when either the rotor position sensor has failed or there is a problem with the wiring in the lower wiring harness. To find out which is causing the problem follow the steps below.

  1. Spin the basket by hand and see if it turns freely, if not you will need to pull the basket and find the cause of the friction.
  2. Remove the console to access the   machine/motor control assembly.
  3. Check the wiring at P5 and P10 connections at the control board and that the connections are tight.
  4. If the wiring checks out ok then with an ohm meter measure the resistance values at P5 Pin 1-2 & P5 Pin 1-3. The value should be around 31ohms if either measure higher then they are out of range. Measure P10 Pin 6-5 & 6-4 & 6-3 they should all be 1.5ohms if any are much lower or much higher they are out of range. Measure P10 Pin 1-7 this should be between 600ohms and 21.2ohms if no its out of range.
  5. If any of the above values were out of range then access the motor connections and make sure the rotor position sensor plug it plugged in properly, if they look ok check the continuity of the wiring for the RPS sensor at the P10 connector and the sensor plug if its checks out check the motor windings if the windings are open replace the stator. If there is no continiuity in the rps wiring then replace the lower wiring harness.
  6. With an ohmmeter, check for continuity between all pins on the P5 machine/motor control connector and the drive motor connector.  If there is continuity, replace the drive motor.  If there is no continuity, replace the lower machine harness.
  7. If you made it this far then the drive motor and lower harness are good replace the RPS sensor. All replacement parts for the Cabrio F51 Error are listed below just click them for more information on the part.

Lower Wiring Harness

Rotor Position Sensor

Stator / Drive Motor

Cabrio F51 Error Video

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